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About Us

Products That Your Dog Will Love! 

We're Penny's Choice, a family owned and operated dog products supply store since April 2015. We are located in Charlotte NC, but the business originally started in St. Paul, MN. The owners have two cute puppies named Penny and Dexter (Penny's Choice was started before Dexter was adopted, sorry little guy!) and a daughter named Bria. 

Penny's Choice Family

Dog Toys, Chews, Leashes, Treats, and More!

We want to offer a variety of items that have worked for us as dog owners. We have tested most of the products on our site with our own dogs and have tried to make detailed product descriptions so that you know what you're buying. We are proud to offer:

  • American made leather products, collars, and leashes, sourced from an amazing manufacturer in New York
  • Naturally found antlers, dog chews and treats sourced from USA businesses and their old school cattle farms, and healthy for the dog treats
  • All natural, chemical free grooming products and tools to help keep your dog looking his best!

We want to have a business that offers upper tier products to you as a dog owner. If you need any product recommendations, we would love to help! Send us an email at and describe what you're looking for! 

Supplies for Groomers, Doggie Day Care, or Other Dog Related Businesses

We love to work with dog businesses and help them think of new, exciting ways to offer services to their customers. We offer grooming products and chews in bulk sizes, shipped direct to your business!

Matt was an application development engineer at 3M before he started this business. At 3M, he specialized in thinking of unique, new ways to use seemingly regular products and was responsible for two patent applications. He highly values innovation and out of the box thinking, and wants to apply his skills to the world of dog grooming.

Penny's Choice doesn't want to be just another grooming supplier for you. Anyone can go online and buy shampoo. What we want is to think of things that no one else has done in this space, and think we have already come up with a few ideas for your business that you might be interested in. Please contact us or set up some time to discuss some of our new plans and ideas! We hope you like them.

Check out a list of some ingredients in our shampoos.

About Penny:

Penny has grown especially fond of her frog squeaker toy, loves chewing on deer antlers, and enjoys playing fetch with her trusty West Paw toys. She likes to dig paper products out of the trash and recycle bin and eat them. She enjoys hiking in the woods, swimming, is terrified of bugs flying near lights on the ceiling, and has tons of energy!

Penny is a Scotch Collie, a rare bread in the US. We got her from new breeders in Wisconsin and have loved having her around the house! Dexter is a Collie-German Sheppard mix that we rescued from the Humane Society.

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Thank you for supporting our small business! We look forward to getting to know you and your puppy! 

Warmest Regards,

Matt and Penny