Tuffy's Dog Toys- What Makes Them so...Tuff?
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Tuffy's Dog Toys- What Makes Them so...Tuff?

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

Toughest Squeaker and Plush Dog Toys We've Ever Seen!

Not all dog toys are created equal- especially the Tuffy's brand! These tough dog toys stand out among the rest. There are no other plush squeaker toys that come close! We have tried and tested them on Penny and were impressed. They're heavy duty, well made toys with tons of stitching and a soft (but durable) shell. Here's a little more on what makes them so awesome:

How are Tuffy's dog toys made?

We also like that Tuffy has their own toughness rating scale to make buying these toys easier. See below:

The Tuffy's Toy Ranking Scale:

Although most toys rank 7 or higher on their scale, we on Penny's Choice don't sell anything below an 8. 

We continue to test more of these toys, but see a trend in the 9's and 10's as being almost indestructible. Penny goes for the stitching, and she is disappointed when she cant get the stuffing out right away! She has had some of these toys for months now, and plays with them constantly. 

Tuffy keeps coming out with new, unique toys, and all at pretty affordable rates considering how quick you can go through a normal dog toy. Check out our selection HERE!

If you have any other questions or concerns, let us know!

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