Grooming Myths- Know the Facts!
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Grooming Myths- Know the Facts!

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

There are many questions from the average dog owner about grooming. We have listed a few typical myths that we hear and what we think about the answers, most of them from our own research as puppy parents ourselves.

Dog Shampoo and Grooming Myths

Myth 1- Bathing is Harmful

Of course not. This myth probably started from people using aggressive soaps on their dogs, resulting in scratching pups. Also, rinsing your dog properly can be difficult if you do not have the right dog bathing tools. Without proper rinsing, your dog's skin will become irritated and flaky. 

Therefore, using a properly formulated product with proper rinsing techniques can enhance the health of your dog's skin. You can choose specific shampoo products from our list that have various benefits, from extra itchy skin to hypoallergenic. We aren't saying that one bath with our shampoos will magically cure all of your dog's ailments, but continued use can help repair, fix, correct, or restore your pup's coat to its amazing potential. 

Myth 2- Alcohol should never be in dog grooming products 

Alcohol in dry shampoo is meant to quickly evaporate and help dispense some of the thicker oils or holding ingredients into your dog's skin. Too much alcohol would dry the dog's skin out, and natural products like our dry shampoos do not even mess with alcohol. Salt, however, is something to look at. Always read the ingredients! 

Myth 3- You should alternate dog shampoo 

This myth results again from poor rinsing. Your dog shampoo has conditioning agents to leave the coat shiny and soft. Not washing these out completely one time isn't a problem, but using the same conditioner multiple times with multiple rinsing problems could result in build up. Therefore, a non-myth version of this would be "you should use a clarifying shampoo once and a while if you're worried about conditioner build-up". That's better!

Myth 4- Oily dogs should not use a conditioner 

Not necessarily. Just like a human with oily hair can still have dandruff (dry scalp), a dog with an oily coat can still have dry skin. Choose the correct shampoo for oily skin, then still condition with something for dry skin if your dog is itching.

Myth 5- Brushing my dog is good for his coat

Partially true. Brushing is necessary to keep your dog's coat clean between baths and keep the hair detangled. However,  do not brush too hard. If you can hear the brush, you are working the hair too hard and could damage the cuticle.

We hope this list helps clarify some typical questions that people have! As always, let us know if you have any other questions while searching our products!

Matt and Penny

Reference: "Grooming Myths".

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  • I always thought #3 was true! I’ve been doing that for years lol

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