Solving the Dog Food Dispenser Problem!
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Solving the Dog Food Dispenser Problem!

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

The Problem: Meal Time = 1 Minute!

Penny is one of those dogs that scarfs her food down if we feed it to her in a normal bowl. Then, after about 2-3 minutes she starts choking and throwing up. Not sure if anyone else deals with something like this, but it was obnoxious. We started throwing her cup of food on the floor so that she had to lick each individual piece up. This slowed her down a little bit (2 minutes instead of 1 minute feeding times), but made lick marks all over the hard wood floors, or left us with tons of carpet hairs in her poop. Both bad situations.

We went to Pet Smart and bought a few different food dispensers, from the balls that roll around to the food mazes. We even tried a spinning thing that you put in the bowl to help. Well, Penny hated them all (or we did, some were so hard to clean or figure out!).

We continued wasting money, and then found the MAGIC MUSHROOM!! We have trialed it over the last month and a half, and are extremely impressed by it and now sell it on our site!

*(Buy yours here)* 

The Magic of the Magic Mushroom!

Penny, ready for breakfast! And 30 minutes of quiet for us! 

While it doesn't look like much, these things are awesome. Some features of the product:

  • Adjustable difficulty setting: different than ANY toy, product, or dish you'll see in the market, and a huge selling point for us. Short on time? Set it to easy. Working out for 30 minutes and want to keep your dog off you? Set it to hard. 
  • Smaller the food, the harder the challenge! We use Taste of the Wild, and they have tiny pellets, so it takes Penny a long time to get a whole cup out. 
  • Dogs have to use their brain, paws, nose, and body, instead of just pushing something around with their nose. This tires them out!
  • Easy to wash out
  • Has a very large capacity (much larger than other products available, as we discovered)

On the left, the difficulty setting nob, turned to "hard". The middle is a cup of Taste of the Wild, and the right is how much capacity the mushroom has!

View Magic Mushroom use here (Penny as a demonstrator in the video, thanks girl!)

The product is made of plastic, so if the dog chews on it after the food is gone then he will ruin it, so it is very important to take the product away as soon as the pup is done eating. Ours has chew marks all over it. In fact, dogs usually like the product so much they carry it around in their mouths and play with it! While super cute, the product will get damaged if allowed to be chewed on. 

Another drawback is the learning curve- it took Penny (a pretty intelligent dog) three tries to figure out how to use it. Once she figured out that she needed to use her paws, she was golden. It just takes showing them with your hands and mimicking what you need to do on the biggest opening size. Trust me, when they find out that there is food in there, they will do whatever it takes to get it out!

Get one and for your puppy, it really does help! Penny's Choice Magic Mushroom

As a thank you for reading, use Code PUPPY to get 10% off all orders!! Try one out today!

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  • Awesome post! I’ve been wanting to try a food dispenser for a long time!

    NIkki Guilin on

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