Penny's Choice Press Release!
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Penny's Choice Press Release!

Posted by Matthew Ruggiero on

A nice article was written for us from a local news reporter. Check it out!

Penny's Choice Announces Grand Opening of Online Shop Offering a Wide Selection of Premium Quality Dog Grooming Products

Experts agree, a well groomed dog is often not just better looking, but often healthier and happier too.  Penny's Choice is a new online shop who recently launched offering the best in high end dog grooming products, along with dogs toys and other assorted canine fun.  Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

Penny's Choice Shampoo Selection

December 8, 2015 

With dogs having well-earned their position as man's best friend, keeping the family dog looking and feeling their best is a high priority in many homes.  The online store Penny's Choice is certainly a good new resource in this area, focused on offering premium quality dog grooming products, along with other quality dog toys and accessories.  With quality high and price points attractive, the online store is off to a very quick start.

“We are not just knowledgeable, but passionate about the dog product world,”  commented a spokesperson from the shop.  “When someone shops with Penny's Choice they can be sure they are receiving some of the best products available at a far price and backed by customer support that wants to see every sale be a happy experience.”

According to the company, quality comes first when it comes to what they offer in their online shop.  All of their grooming products are natural and chemical free; their toys are safe to use and very rugged;  all leather products, like dogs leashes and collars, are made in the USA at a NY based manufacturer; and dog treats and chews stocked are also made in the USA, mainly from a number of old-school cattle farms.

The store also offers ideas to local Twin Cities grooming and daycare businesses to help them improve their sales and product offerings. "Dog grooming can be innovative, and we have thought of some really interesting ideas and products to help groomers and day care businesses get a leg up on the competition," says the owner.

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